Am known as 損齋 in English Wikipedia and basically all other wikiprojects except the Chinese ones where my user name is Kubelreiter, a short story by Franz Kafka. These two accounts were the same and one until they splitted when I did a local rename without a global rename. It's a pain.

  • I was the admin of Classical Chinese wikipedia before I resigned myself. I was there for 4 years, editing almost completely alone all the time. Sometimes people come by and got surprised. Sometimes people come by and scoff at me. I realized that they either are idiots or idiots. Doers do, losers loose. Then I resigned. After doubling the number of articles alone.
  • I am not optimistic about the literary Chinese wikisource issue and believe that it should not be established because it is a simple and straight forward duplication of the texts of Chinese wikisource. There will never be enough hands to do it.
  • In reality I work for a publishing house specialized in Classical Chinese classics. I do know how this dead language is doing and I do not expect a revival of this language at all. It is never alive in the first place. It's a written form of old Chinese. That's it. ----損齋 (talk) 12:08, 4 March 2019 (UTC)