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تەھرىرلەش 12:19, 19 ئاۋغۇست 2016 (UTC)Reply

Done. --Holder (سۆزلىشىش) 04:35, 20 ئاۋغۇست 2016 (UTC)Reply

many files without license https://ug.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:UnusedFiles?uselang=en&limit=5000, most uploaded several years ago. 20:56, 21 نويابىر 2016 (UTC)Reply

All files deleted except wiki.png. --Holder (سۆزلىشىش) 12:51, 22 نويابىر 2016 (UTC)Reply
Thank you very much. The files at Special:ListFiles/Billik2, if they have reference to "en:" are often not free, deleted in source, or transfered from en to commons and then deleted in Commons for Copyright problems. Or they are on Commons. So several of these can be deleted. 00:56, 2 دېكابىر 2016 (UTC)Reply
Special:WhatLinksHere/Template:Delete 01:20, 2 دېكابىر 2016 (UTC)Reply
Done. --Holder (سۆزلىشىش) 05:48, 2 دېكابىر 2016 (UTC)Reply

Admin action

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Done. --Holder (سۆزلىشىش) 06:21, 16 دېكابىر 2016 (UTC)Reply

10x unused, no license https://ug.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:UnusedFiles?uselang=en&limit=5000 21:53, 10 فېۋرال 2017 (UTC)Reply

Deletion of images of Chinese characters


Hello! I noticed that in 2016 you deleted a large number of characters that formed a part of seal script and other Chinese scripts, such as in this deletion log, saying that they are copyright violations. I believe that these are obviously below threshold of originality, so I'm wondering if you could explain a bit about what the rationale for deletion was. Red-tailed hawk (سۆزلىشىش) 21:47, 2 ئۆكتەبىر 2022 (UTC)Reply

Hi Red-tailed_hawk. I did n't delete the files because of a copyright violation but because they were not uploaded under a free license. Best regards --Holder (سۆزلىشىش) 02:28, 3 ئۆكتەبىر 2022 (UTC)Reply
There are generally licensing problems on this Wiki, which is something that I am trying to go through and fix. However, I'm wondering if you believe that these sorts of file could be restored as being akin to what on Wikimedia Commons is PD-shape, especially since these characters were created well over one thousand years ago and nobody can reasonably claim copyright on the character itself. Does that sound reasonable to you? Red-tailed hawk (سۆزلىشىش) 02:32, 3 ئۆكتەبىر 2022 (UTC)Reply
It's no question of copyright. If these files are uploaded under a free license that would be probably ok. As I don't have the global sysops rights any more I can't look into these deleted files so I can't restore them. --Holder (سۆزلىشىش) 02:35, 3 ئۆكتەبىر 2022 (UTC)Reply