PD-ineligible تەھرىرلەش

Hi! I noticed that you made [https://ug.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=%DA%BE%DB%86%D8%AC%D8%AC%DB%95%D8%AA:Uyghur_yeziqi_ozger.gif&diff=prev&oldid=156553 this edit[ in December. We don't currently have a PD-ineligible template on this Wiki, and we're in the process of moving all photos to Commons or deleting them (we don't have an exemption doctrine policy). If you are convinced that this is PD-ineligible, feel free to move it to Commons before April 1. If not, the file will be deleted along with other files that remain locally without a valid license tag.

Happy editing!

Red-tailed hawk (سۆزلىشىش) 20:34, 2 مارت 2023 (UTC)Reply[جاۋاب]

Red-tailed hawk Thank you! Yes I'm sure so I moved the file. --MGA73 (سۆزلىشىش) 09:55, 3 مارت 2023 (UTC)Reply[جاۋاب]