Hi ReyBrujo.

You had left this statement on Barat's talk page: If he agrees with that statement, you should ask him to mail a permission to the Wikimedia Foundation

However you did not specify what the Wikimedia Foundation's email contact address is. Can you please tell Barat exactly how they should contact the Wikimedia Foundation so he would be able resolve this copyright issue.

Also, many of those website owners cannot speak fluent English so how are they supposed to contact the Foundation? Perhaps Barat can translate the messages for them?

Please leave your answer on Barat's discussion page. Thanks. --Jose77 23:29, 3 4-Ay 2007 (UTC)

Replied on the user's talk page. [1] -- ReyBrujo 02:01, 4 4-Ay 2007 (UTC)

Fw: Directionalityتەھرىر

Hi ReyBrujo,

Here is a message that was left on my talkpage by User:Alef Zet:

For temporary change directionality (before maintaining), You may add simple script code to MediaWiki:common.js)

  document.write('<style type="text/css">html {direction:ltr;} body { direction:ltr; lang:ug-Latn}</style>');

I hope you can help implement this directionality --Jose77 09:08, 4 4-Ay 2007 (UTC)

Replied on the user's talk page. [2] -- ReyBrujo 01:45, 5 4-Ay 2007 (UTC)

If doesn't clear future default directionality in ugwiki, I can recommend include the code to a user's monobook.js. It is very diffcult for users such me ;) reading and editing in mirorred directionality. I can collaborate with native Uighur-speaking user for implementing converting scripts on-the-fly. Need three versions of translation of interface (Latin/Arabic and may be Cyrillic?) and table(s) for convertion likt ж - zh - ج and, may be, rules for that. --AlefZet 08:25, 10 4-Ay 2007 (UTC)

User pageتەھرىر

My user page says, in Uyghur,, "Hello, my name is Toshqan. I am an Uyghur person". --توشقان 04:55, 8 4-Ay 2007 (UTC)

Deletion Requestتەھرىر

Please delete this article. It is not written in Uyghur. Here is the evidence: [3] [4] . -- 09:37, 9 4-Ay 2007 (UTC)

This article is also written in Turkish. --Jose77 10:13, 13 5-Ay 2007 (UTC)
Here is another article that is written in Turkish instead of Uyghur.


Hi ReyBruno,

Per your request, I have removed your sysop status. Thank you for your help. m:user:Effeietsanders 18:23, 24 7-Ay 2007 (UTC)